Healthy Heartbeats

Heartbeats–heard, felt, taken for granted.

That day when life is amplified as a swooshing cadence, a rhythmic testament of being, existing, present. That is the sound of life, demanding to be heard. The confirming drum that proclaims there is life within.

That sound, those words, we all want to know, deep down, certain, that all is well.

But sometimes, it is not, all is not as we had hoped and dreamed.

I was recently confronted with reminders that sometimes little hearts have big problems. A close friend’s tiny grand needed surgery to repair hers. A young relative received a transplant. Both are doing well, each a miracle gift for which we are grateful.

February is my birth month, and also, the month my mom was born. We shared one body, two heartbeats. It is the month known for heart health.

My knitting projects right now are in shades of red. Red, for the life’s blood that flows, for hearts that beat, and for those whose hearts are less than perfect.

Go Red Knitting Video

There are so many free patterns available, ways to contribute, information about living a heart-healthy lifestyle.  Find ways to join me in raising heart health awareness.

In honor of little K, and Miss E, I have already started items to donate.  Many others who are dear to me suffer from heart disease. It is my hope to find ways to express my love to them in the weeks to come.

I have included some tips for infant hat making:

  • Avoid buttons, bows or any attachments that might be a choking hazard.
  • Machine washable yarn is a great choice for a new mom to launder hats.
  • Including an informative tag, listing size, laundry tips, etc. would be helpful.
  • Check out your favorite brands of yarn to see if they have shades of red available, patterns,  or even donations or discounts this month to complete projects to donate.

Some links you might enjoy are:

We’d love to hear from fellow knitters, crocheters, anyone and everyone! Tel us about your favorite patterns, your favorite yarn stores, places you gather to share you hobbies. Comment below, share our posts, visit our Facebook page, just keep in touch.




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One Reply to “Healthy Heartbeats”

  1. Red is one of my favorite colors! And I assume I was among those you were thinking of in relation to heart problems. So glad mine was fixed!

    Thanks for the reminder about heart health. Our young cousin has amazed me with the way the Lord is using her story for His glory.

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