Get Packed!

I am so excited to begin this journey with you and I cannot wait to see what we will discover together!  As with every trip worthwhile, planning is a must. I have been in the planning stage for way too long, so now it is finally time to get going. I am gathering up a few supplies and getting ready.

I hope you will come along with me and see where adventures take us. Just as every day is different, I hope every step will be an eclectic mix of something you will enjoy.

I am blessed to be in the middle of the road, sketching maps for those that will follow, and running to keep up with great leaders just ahead on this life quest.  I am passionate about people, and with that passion burns a deep conviction. I am convinced that I should leave a mark, a legacy, if you will, for the ones who will catch up, and most likely surpass me, and live well and sincere before them. Also, I should strive daily-humble-attentive-to soak in the wisdom of the ages from those well-traveled.

We have so much to learn!!!!

My backpack is stuffed full, an overflow from my studio upstairs. Brushes, paints, sketchpads, rug hooks, dyed wool, knitting needles, yummy balls of yarn, a cookbook, my favorite mug, for sure my bible, journal, a good writing pen, –camera, check, map, check, a few tunes on my phone, and of course, photos of the grands……

I am of a lover of many things, so expect never to tarry long in one spot.

Come on, Hubs, Chloe! Let’s go!

I hope you will travel along with me as I explore… travel…cook…create…live an artful life.

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