life as gram

I am an artist, a lover of people. I work with wood, fibers, textiles, paper, and paint.  I love learning new things. Being fortunate enough to be taught by others, woodcarving, rug hooking, knitting, crocheting, beading, sketching, and painting fills my day.
Cooking allows me a chance to create and share.  I seek adventure and travel, with photography, journaling and blogging, a way to capture memories.  A collector of all things vintage, I re-purpose the forgotten into heirloom.

Life is messy, hard, REAL WORK!!!  And I don’t have it all together (or even close) very often. I mess up, get lazy, procrastinate…BIG TIME !!!

But I do know my GOD is greater than all of my weaknesses.

I start, I fail, but I can always come back to the Cross and HE is waiting with open arms.

I love to study HIS WORD, and although I constantly struggle to do it as much as I should, I truly believe it holds the steps for life’s pathway.

It is my desire to help you love GOD, love art, love life on your journey!!!!

A constant work in progress, a Gram redeemed by God’s amazing grace, I can be found, when not tripping over ladders or dripping paint in my hair, armed with a Bible, blank journal, my hubby’s camera, an artist’s paintbrush, a great book, some new cookbook, or one of the grands in my arms, just looking for new ways to praise a Holy God for His saving grace!

Celebrating life as the daughter of the King of Kings, wife of my beloved Scott, I answer to three sons that call me mom, three beautiful daughters-in-love,  six  grands, and a fuzzball named Chloe, all who fill my life with joy!!!


  I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the Truth.                                                                                                                                                3 John 4.

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