Shadow Play

I have always loved quilts, have grown up with them, in fact.  My youngest memories include piled stacks of quilts over cousins, asleep with a fan in our faces, us buried deep within their warmth and weight.  Cold winter nights included their cottony presence.

Picnics included an old quilt at a favorite campground and a good book.

A wedding quilt showcased my love for the horses of my youth, folded neatly.

My nursery included a tiny version, complete with animals embroidered lovingly, and another hung over the crib.

On a recent visit to my parents’ home, mom spread the quilts of our heritage across the bed and filled our arms and my suitcase with the treasures of our past.

So naturally, when we reached for our “What to do in Hawaii” guide, my hubs was the first to notice the quilt demo and classes the very first morning of our stay. He insisted that my girls, (meaning my crafty friends, new and old), would want to see this. So off we went after an amazing breakfast–dare I mention as a side note how amazing the pineapple boat was after a long walk there ?

I was surprised by the great number of fabric and quilt shops in this small area and the several gatherings of local guilds.

The tiniest of stitches were rhythmically pierced into delicate layers, while a lovely stitcher told us the history of her craft.

A beautifully made story quilt depicted the missionary’s wife teaching Polynesian wives to make the earliest of these works of art.

As she worked delicately around the curved lines of applique, she told us of early fabrics, reaching into her bag to pull out samples sleeved for protection.

Continuing to show her small group of fascinated onlookers,  she relayed the way native quilters sat under great trees and mimicked what they had been taught.

Leaves on the trees, along with branches and flowers cast great shadows upon the surfaces of their work.

The repeating designs of these quilts were a result of the play of sunlight and nature as they worked.  Symbols of the flora and sea provide endless patterns.

To mark our visit, Hubs purchased one of the pineapple pillow shams and a few fabric remnants as I flipped through stacks of pattern books.

Of course, I don’t know if I will ever attempt a quilt, but appreciating the graceful lines and curves, I have already incorporated some of the blocks into my current fiber art project, a wall design with highlight motifs of our trip.

I will always remember this experience and share it with the many quilters and artists that will appreciate the delicate work of Hawaii’s quilts.

Are you a quilter, fabric collector, or just a lover of vintage ? Feel free to share tips in the comments, email me or post on my Facebook page. We love to hear from you.



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Aloha Y’all !

Some dreams do come true!

Last week The Hubs and I enjoyed one of those dreams-come-true experiences.

Our holiday season was rather hectic , but then whose wasn’t ? With a family wedding, work, travel, etc., we didn’t have the time or energy to properly celebrate our wedding anniversary or Christmas as a couple, with the kids and grands scattered.  (It was a lovely wedding and we enjoyed seeing all of our kiddos and babies and extended family, but more on that later).

Combining an approaching birthday, Valentines Day and probably every other celebratory occasion in the upcoming future, The Hubs, being the great spouse that he is, shuttled us off to Paradise.

For those of you who have been, I am sure you will agree, it is even more breathtaking than the television shows,

and if you haven’t had the pleasure, put it on your bucket list.

I am certain to post many stories and photos from our Hawaii week.

But for now, due to a pile of sandy laundry, photos scattered between phones and a camera in need of a battery charge, and jet-lag overload,

I will pop in a few now to tease your appetite with  a promise of more to come.

With 20 hours of travel, and a time change rolling back the clock, we made it in time for our first sunset!!!

We feel truly blessed to have seen this handiwork of a great Creator.

Love to travel? Ever been to Hawaii?  We love to hear your travel tips, fun places to visit, best vacations ever… just comment below or leave us an email or post of Facebook. We love to learn from fellow travelers.



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